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Robert & Riva Announces Inaugural Golf Classic To Raise Awareness for Special Needs Kids

The Golf Classic will be held Saturday, August 20, 2022 at the beautiful Omni Hotel and Golf Resort in Orlando, Florida.

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Live Podcast  by Robert & Riva To Discuss Mental Health Issues with Psychologist Dr. Alduan Tartt

Mental health has been taboo in many minority and older communities. Robert & Riva will use their platform to address this important topic.

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Robert & Riva Launches New Monthly Mentor Program for Adults Living In The Second of their Lives

Live after a devastating event can be difficult to recover. RejuveNATION promises married and single people to a new life based on new information, hope and strategies. 

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Robert & Riva Celebrate Women's Month with National Women's Conference

In it's 9th year, Riva leads hundreds of women in her event called, Woman At The Well.  Women get relevant information, powerful inspiration, amazing speakers, lunch and a fun-filled fashion show. 

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